Both sides of Deforestation

     Deforestation has an array of advantages and disadvantages which collide in a storm of opinions. An abundance of viewpoints does result in controversy but that is not necessarily a horrid thing. Debates usually result in an excess of research bringing us to discoveries of new statistics. For example, 50% of rainforests have been destroyed by human activities such as deforestation. Amazingly, deforestation does stimulate the economy to a point where wood has become roughly more valuable than fuel. Surprisingly, deforestation is an exceedingly controversial topic. This is because both sides have extremely enthralling rebuttals.

     The disadvantages of deforestation are most horrendous to environmentalists due to its past and still ongoing damage it places upon organic life. There is a large bundle of results which include decreasing amounts of trees leading to the greenhouse effect or mass increase of gasses in the atmosphere which absorb solar warming. This then leads to above average warming of the earth and decreasing oxygen levels. This is just one type of scarring which has occurred because of deforestation. Another type is the extinction and endangerment of millions of species. This includes monkeys, sloths, and ant-eaters. Humans have actually killed 25% of all animals  inhabiting rainforests through deforestation. Acts like these have inspired people to create artificial habitats for these animals. One example is a man-made rainforest in London which is currently housing animals from the Amazon rainforest. Deforestation is tremendously devastating to the beautiful species of the world.

     Believe it or not there is a good side to deforestation. Deforestation is a major contributor towards the government’s revenue and is immensely useful to all aspects of people’s lives. In fact, wood retrieved from lumber or fallen forests is so valuable it roughly exceeds the value of fuel! Though, the value of wood is not deforestation’s main asset. It’s most benefiting advantage is the revenue which it brings to the countries who practice deforestation. For example, Indonesia cleared 9,865 kilometers of forestry to make room for oil palm plantations. This lead to an increase of income, or the money a subject receives annually, far greater than what they would have made previously. This increase would then benefit the people through a gradual stimulation of the economy and living standards. Money is not the only resource gained from trees. Believe it or not, window frames alone are made from wood. 90% percent of them are. Imagine what else contains wood! Another surprising fact is that wood is actually found in glass! All these things would be lost without wood. The resources collected from plantations which replace the trees would also be lost. That includes cotton for clothing, vegetables and meat for food, and other essentials. If deforestation was stopped the world would fall into a period of poverty and illness far worse than the depression!

     Deforestation is obviously an extremely imperative benefit as well as maltreatment to the Earth. Controversy over such a subject may never end but time will. That is why we need to decide now. The people need to take action before we approach a problem. This way deforestation can be looked at as what it truly is. Whatever that may be.


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